McChoppin’ is about being nostalgic about the past whilst living in the present and looking forward to the future. It’s about rediscovering past technology that still works and using that alongside contemporary technology that adds value to your life. It’s about being simple and minimalist without being a Luddite or a Hippy. That is to say, McChoppin’ is about being practical while at the same time being attracted to an old-timey aesthetic

In particular, McChoppin’ will attempt to describe and develop this particular aesthetic. It will most likely involve quite a bit talk about Arctic exploration, some Shackleton references, and a whole lot about winter camping, but really is it about enjoying a particular lifestyle. So don’t be surprised if there post or two about cocktails, food, or, well, whatever happens to be a little McChoppin’.

You can read more about the author, the Curbman, if you’d like.

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