A Blog Forgotten, But Not Lost

Well, it’s been three years since anything has been posted here at McChoppin. Actually, for me it’s really four years as the last post, about whipping up Crab Mac n’ Cheese, was by my lovely wife. A lot of things happened in those passing years. Hell, that’s enough time to have gotten another degree. But that isn’t what I did; although we did redo our house. Although, that’s not even 100% done. Apparently redoing a house takes longer than getting a college degree?

Anyways, it is time to get back to McChoppin and see where we are at and maybe reflect on what some of this change has brought. Lots of projects have happened and even though I’m not huge on reliving the past on a blog, I think some of them are going to be worth reviewing. And now we are set up, lots of projects will happen, so let’s start looking at those in real time. I think first it might be worthwhile to look at the McChoppin ethos as it stands now; reevaluate and examine where McChoppin came from and what it should be going forward. So look for that in the next posting.

McChoppin may have been forgotten and neglected for a bit (Okay, more than a bit), but now it’s time to dust it off and breathe some new life back into it. So stay tuned.

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